Exterior Building Restorations project at the New England Conservatory campus in Boston, MA. NER’s responsibilities encompassed the restoration work at both Jordan Hall, which is located at 290 Huntington Avenue, and the St. Botolph Building, which is located at 241 St. Botolph Street. NER’s scope of work for these building included: cleaning (using EK Restoration Cleaner, an environmentally safe chemical) and sealing all of the masonry; re-pointing of all brick, granite and limestone; and replacing the marble pendants, panels and columns with matched marble imported from Italy.

NER removed Jordan Hall’s 918 piece terra cotta cornice, had these pieces remolded and duplicated to match the existing 1903 pieces, rebuilt the CMU back-up and then installed the new terra cotta. NER also disassembled salvaged and stores offsite the brick and granite at the piers at 241 St. Botolph Street. NER then rebuilt the piers with new brick and the salvaged granite. The project also required repair work to the brick, concrete and limestone surfaces of the buildings. This repair work involved  brick crack repair and replacement, rebuilding of the parapets, removal and replacement of the loose and spalled concrete, concrete crack repair and sealing, and repair to the spalling limestone.

  • Address: 290 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

  • Owner: New England Conservatory

  • Client: Tishman Construction Corp.

  • Designer: Wessling Architects, Inc.

  • Completed: 2009