Constructed in the early 30’s in the Neo-Georgian style, The Harvard River Houses occupying several blocks of Harvard real estate are being methodically updated to continue to house undergraduate students in a modern environment. In each case, NER constructed scaffold at the face of the buildings and extending over the gabled roofs to access the several chimneys from which NER salvaged brick and reconstructed the chimneys above the roof line. All facades were cleaned, selectively cut and pointed and repaired as needed.

Leverett House/McKinlock Hall

  • GC: Dimeo Construction Company

  • Architect: Keirnan Timberlake

  • Completed: 2014

harvard university mcclintock leverett house

Winthrop House/Standish Hall

  • GC: Lee Kennedy Company

  • Value: $3,650,000

  • Architect: Beyer, Blender, Belle

  • Completed: 2017

Lowell House

  • GC: Consigli Construction Company

  • Value: $6,700,000

  • Architect: Keirnan Timberlake

  • In Progress: 2017/2018